Thanks to SFE technology, Lama Bear enters a virgin territory with innumerable varieties of spices and herbs at its command and is handsomely positioned to attend to the global needs. Our goal is to produce natural compounds with enhanced properties and eventually replace conventionally chemical derived hazardous products in the market.

Located at the foothills of Kaimur Hills—a part of Vindhyas and Nilgiris ranges—which according to Assocham Study Report April 2010 supplies about 30% of India’s exotic organically grown herbs, we are uniquely placed unlike others in similar business. In addition, we have access to crop cultivation, spread on 500 acres of irrigated, fertile land located in different geographies.

The Assocham  states  that,  “the  market  in India is currently estimated at Rs 7500 cr ( Rs 75 billion) and is increasing at a compounded annual growth rate of over 20%. It is expected that market will reach Rs 15000 cr ( Rs 15 billion) by 2015. Considering India’s rich resource in this area, the present share is considered very meager. A quick estimate of the potential reveals that India can generate raw stock of around Rs 300 billion and easily achieve around Rs 150 billion value added products.”

The Assocham data clearly shows that the market for natural extracts is growing by leaps and bounds despite global economic growth slowdown. A 100% Export Oriented Unit (EOU) enterprise, Lama Bear endeavours to market SFE botanical actives in the global markets including the USA and Europe. The Company has a marketing arrangement with a Japan-based multi-national firm.